The IMeditate FREE Meditation Course

taught by Rob Chapman
Rob Chapman
Rob Chapman
Spiritual Coach/ Meditation Instructor/ Hypnotist

"Excellent course,  I have learnt so much and am now hooked on learning more about hypnosis with Rob. It literally has the potential to change my life. Rob is a fantastic teacher, his knowledge and  passion really shine through." L.Shamans

Over the past 20 years of working with people I have come to realise that there is a magic in this world. Real magic is the individuals ability to look at themselves and transform from within. Passionate about this magic, I work with you influencing your practice, perception & Performance leading to wisdom, transformation and Success,

My aim is to walk with you as guide and support as you start making those small changes that lead to a richer, harmonious & more fulfilling life.

Having worked with thousands of people in workshops, talks and retreats across the UK and Europe, I look forward to helping you find your magic and enchanting your life.

At Imbolc 2017 the seed for The Awen Academy was planted. The Awen is the druidic symbol for inspiration, the flow of life. The aim of the academy is to provide online workshops and training to help enrich, inspire and improve your life, from the everyday to the spiritual.

The Awen Academy also  publishes books. You can find the bookshop here

"We have worked with Rob on several occasions to provide experiences for our clients. Every time Rob creates new and exciting events for our clients. He never disappoints." Jeannie Barresi - Beyond Boundaries

"I would urge anyone who has the choice to work with Rob Chapman to do so. He brings a depth of wisdom, understanding and compassion to his work that I have rarely encountered," S.Newell, Holistic Therapist

" Rob Chapman was beyond brilliant. He is the most magical human being who brings himself to his work in the most wonder-full way. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime, anywhere." Romy Shovelton - Wikima 


"Just completed an afternoon's  hypnotist training with Rob Chapman -- what an incredible experience! If  anyone is interested in exploring what your subconscious can do, and  how far the unknown can be explored, look no further. It will be an  experience you will never forget. Give Rob a PM and find out for  yourself!" A.Kemp, Welshpool

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the IMeditate Free course.
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Session 1
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Session 2
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Session 3
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Session 4
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Session 5
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Session 6
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Session 8 More breathing
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Session 9 Q+A and the illusion of depth
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Session 10 - Mantra
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Session 11
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Session 12
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Session 13
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Session 14
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Session 15
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Session 16
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Session 17
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Session 18
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Technique for helping with Insomnia
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Session 19
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Session 20
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Session 21
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Session 22
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Session 23
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Session 24
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